We are a large supplier of information and communications technology products and services, and we are driven by the combination of consumer demand coupled with the development of new information and communications technology (ICT) which has led to worldwide technological developments such as handheld devices, pervasive sensors, “big data” analytics, digital supply chains, search engines, social networks, satellite-based geographic tracking, interconnected real-time digital infrastructure, and massive server farms which have fundamentally altered the lives within our society and in particular, the way business is done.

We are committed to the highest standards of quality for both technology and customer service. We support a Quality Management System that ensures we can exceed our customers’ quality requirements. But what truly sets us apart is our extraordinary team of professionals, every one committed to our customers’ long-term goals.

Technology can do more than keep your everyday business running smoothly. It can drive your success. At Jika Business Services T/A JIKA TECH, we use a proven and innovative approach to help small midsize and large public and private organizations discover, evaluate, architect and implement advanced technology. This is executed through our various branch offices located in all the major provinces, and through our strategic partners in the various other locations.

Since our inception in 2014, JIKA TECH has grown into a well-recognised product reseller of infrastructure, audio visual, advanced networking, unified communications, security, servers and storage to end-user solutions and hardware sales and support, which help our customers achieve their business goals.

We at JIKA TECH have evolved and adapted to all the latest business technologies to enable us to continuously provide state of the art service and products to our customers. JIKA TECH brings hundreds of technology companies and partners into one environment. These companies which include heavyweights like CiscoVMwareNetAppDell EMCHPE and several others, but also include emerging tech players like Tanium and Dedrone. Individually these companies are impressive, but when integrated by JIKA TECH, we create game-changing solutions.

Our vision, Mission and Core Values

To be the global ICT solution hub which is most admired for its services, and product performance.

To enable our customers achieve business milestones through meaningful ICT solution provision.

“To make more money today as well as in the future”. – E.M Goldratt

Core Values

We strive to do what is right and do what we say we will do. We earn the trust of others through consistency of actions with stated values and commitments and take responsibility for our own actions.

Global Involvement
We seek a world view and act without boundaries. We consider the total business impact when planning and solving problems and making decisions. We address cultural and geographical differences in strategies and approaches. We engage those who will be impacted by decisions and foster collaboration across functions and work groups.

We embrace the diverse perspectives of all people and honour both with dignity and respect. We foster respect and appreciation for each person whatever that person’s background, race, age, gender, disability, values, sexual orientation, perspectives, or interests. We recognize differences in people as opportunities for learning about and approaching things differently.

We exceed expectations consistently all while we anticipate and take action to exceed stakeholder needs. We define and evaluate quality standards and establish effective short and long range plans. We assign responsibilities, delegate and empower, monitor and follow up to ensure superior results.

We apply the creative ingenuity necessary to make us better faster first and seek opportunities to improve products and work processes. We also generate ideas that go beyond the status quo and recognize the need for new or modified approaches and champion them.